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Four Head Weigher
Pneumatic F.F.S. Machine

(Coller Type)

Packing Range 1.(10gm to 50gm)     2. (100gm to 250gm)
Filling System Two Head Weigher
Type of Sealing Center Seal
Packing Material Fryems, Kurkure, Puffs, Powder, Grains, Etc
Film Size 100mm-400mm width x 100mm-250mm length
Film Roll Size OD 250 to 400mm max. ID film reel pipe 75mm min
Film Roll Type Laminated film in roll supported film E.g.. Aluminum Foil Pe, PP
Speed 12 to 20bag/min (Varies with the nature of product & Filling range)
Power 2.5 KW 230V / AC / Single Phase/ 50 Hz
Optional Nitrogen, Batch Coding Device, Batch Cutting Device Auto Lubrication, GMP Model, Gas Flushing Unit Level Sensor
Wooden Case 1300mm x 1000mm x 1000mm (H x W x L)
Machine Size 1050mm x 990mm 1900(L x W x H)
Weight 450kg (Approx)